Striders XC October 18th – Rabbits Meet RESULTS – St James Farm Forest Preserve

Below is a link to the timing company’s website for full detail results of the XC meet today.

Here is a summary of the Striders results:

The course was a two loop course through a scenic forest loop, not completely flat with some small rolling hills.

Girls Varsity 2 Mile

The girls varsity unfortunately had the worst of the weather today with quite a bit of rain before and during the race.  Quite a few frozen hands!

Sofia Arcuri lead the girls race for the first mile.  The lead went back and forth with Stella Davis from Northstars until Stella pulled away in the last 400m.  You will have another opportunity at Shazam state meet Sofia to beat her.

Sofia Arcuri – 11:50, 2nd place (personal best 11:47)

Nora McCabe – 12:13, 5th place (NEW PR!, old personal best was 12:38)

MaryCait Mackie – 12:38, 9th place (Getting close to personal best of 12:22)

Ellen Gundlach – 12:52, 14th place (personal best 12:18)

Luisa Arcuri – 12:57, 16th place (personal best 12:55)

Team 1st Place Finish!!

Boys Varsity 2 Mile

The rain slowed down for the boys race a little and by the end of the race there was only a light drizzle.

Porter took the lead right away and held until just before the one mile mark where Caughnery Freese from Kenosha Shockwave took over the lead and held it all the way to the finish.

Porter Baginski – 10:52, 2nd place (new personal best, old one=11:18)

Sam Thompson – 11:50, 10th place (new personal best, old one=11:58)

Colin McKinney – 11:58, 14th place (personal best 11:51)

Daniel Varol – 12:04, 17th place (new personal best, old one=12:21)

Gino Arcuri – 12:14, 19th place (personal best 12:13)

Jack Etchason – 12:41, 27th place (new personal best, old one=12:50)

The Boys team had a VERY close race for first.  They came in second by ONE point! A first place finish would have meant just one pass of another runner!

Boys Open 2 mile

Santino Conte – 13:00, 5th place (personal best 12:05)

Wes Gundlach – 14:34, 18th place (first 2 mile race ever! Nice running)

Girls Open 2 mile

Maeve Rafferty – 14:06, 3rd place (personal best 13:54)

Connolly Nugent – 14:46, 18th place (personal best 13:32)

Simone Abbasi – 15:39, 26th place (personal best 14:50)

Bella Brauc – 15:43,  27th place (personal best 14:11)

Lucia Fuentes – 15:43, 28th place (personal best 15:39)

Boys JV 1 mile

Will Serafin 6:57, 14th place (personal best 6:53)

Owen Stumm 7:24, 24th place (tied personal best 7:24)

Mac McGann 8:43, 44th place (NEW personal best, prior best was 8:53)

Girls JV 1 Mile

Rosie Burke – 6:48 (personal best 6:34)

Jacqueline Abbasi – 7:08 (NEW personal best, prior best 7:18)

Anna Gundlach – 7:08 (personal best 6:58)

Courtney Cook – 7:52 (personal best 7:48)

Hadley Fritts – 8:05 (NEW personal best, prior best 8:11)