2020 Striders Winter – Meet Results

Saturday, January 11th, 2020 – Feet on Fire, Aurora, Illinois

Striders finished in 3RD PLACE team overall (out of 37 teams)

full results:  feet on fire meet jan 11th results

11-12 Girls

Emily Stecky, 200m (36.64), 6th place
Emily Stecky, 400m (1:22.62), 4th place
Penny Pim, 400m (1:32.40), 8th place
Penny Pim, 800m (3:25.50), 7th place
Penny Pim, 1600m (7:37.68), 5th place

11-12 Boys

James Degand, 60m (9.47), 5th place
Colin McKinney, 800m (2:36.21), 3rd place
Santino Conte, 800m (2:48.00), 4th place
Henry Alesia, 800m (2:48.99), 5th place
Santino Conte, 1600m (6:11.0), 3rd place

Colin McKinney, High Jump (4ft 2in), 1st place
James Degand, Long Jump (12ft 9.25in), 2nd place

13-14 Girls

Connolly Nugent, 200m, (36.11), 8th place
Nora McCabe, 400m, (1:11.31), 6th place
Sofia Arcuri, 400m, (1:14.95), 12th place
Connolly Nugent, 400m, (1:20.00), 14th place
Morgan Mackie, 800m, (2:29.90), 1st place
Ellen Gundlach, 800m, (2:50.80), 4th place
Morgan Mackie, 1600m, (5:25.65), 1st place
Luisa Arcuri, 1600m, (6:06.52), 2nd place
Sofia Arcuri, 3000m, (11:26.72), (6:06 per mile), 1st place
Ellen Gundlach, 3000m, (11:37.70), (6:12 per mile), 3rd place

Nora McCabe, High Jump, 3ft 10in, 4th place
Sofia Arcuri, High Jump, 3ft 6in, 5th place
Luisa Arcuri, High Jump, 3ft 4in, 6th place

Ellen Gundlach, Long Jump, 10ft 8in, 6th place

13-14 Boys

Liam Newton, 200m, 27.67, 2nd place
Jack O’Hearn, 200m, 31.88, 6th place
Xavier Klatt, 400m, 1:02.45, 1st place
Tommy Braasch, 400m, 1:24.82, 9th place
Xavier Klatt, 800m, 2:16.84, 1st place
Liam Newton, 800m, 2:23.01, 2nd place
Gino Arcuri, 800m, 2:42.86, 4th place
Joe Keane, 800m, 2:53.74, 6th place
Danny Blanchard, 800m, 3:19.49, 10th place
Ari Eimer, 800m, 3:20.73, 11th place
Gino Arcuri, 3000m, 11:07.37 (5:56 per mile), 3rd place

Joe Keane, High Jump, 4ft 6in, 1st place
Liam Newton, High Jump, 4ft 4in, 2nd place

15-16 Girls

Quinn O’Donnell, 200m, 34.99, 10th place
Kathryn San Roman, 400m, 1:05.88, 3rd place
Quinn O’Donnell, 400m, 1:13.27, 9th place
Kathryn San Roman, 800m, 2:40.40, 4th place

15-16 Boys

Kristian Uremovic, 400m, 1:13.39, 7th place
Jacob Varol, 800m, 2:30.02, 6th place
Jacob Varol, 1600m, 5:37.60, 9th place
Owen O’Donnell, 1600m, 5:52.54, 11th place
Kristian Uremovic, 3000m, 11:01.87 (5:52 per mile), 9th place

RELAYS, 4x200m

11-12 Boys – 1st Place –  Henry Alesia, James Degand, Santino Conte, Colin McKinney

15-18 Girls – 2:11.472nd place – Quinn O’Donnell, Sofia Arcuri, Morgan Mackie, Kathryn San Roman
15-18 Girls – 2:16.323rd place – Connolly Nugent, Ellen Gundlach, Luisa Arcuri, Nora McCabe

15-18 Boys – 2:01.612nd place – Owen O’Donnell, Jacob Varol, Joe Keane, Liam Newton
15-18 Boys – 2:16.173rd place – Ari Eimer, Tommy Braasch, Danny Blanchard, Gino Arcuri

SUNDAY, January 19th, 2020 – The Showcase, Hillside, Illinois

11-12 Girls

Penny Pim, 60m (11.37), 7th place

Emily Stecky, 200m (36.37), 5th place (new personal best, Prior=36.64)
Moira Divane, 200m (38.13), 8th place
Phina Kelley, 200m (39.11), 9th place

Emily Stecky, 400m (1:23.86), 3rd place
Moira Divane, 400m (1:24.60), 3rd place
Phina Kelley, 400m (1:28.77), 4th place

Phina Kelley, 800m (3:19.50), 4th place
Penny Pim, 800m (3:29.50), 5th place (personal best=3:25.50)

11-12 Boys

James Degand, 60m (9.63), 4th place (personal best=9.47)
James Degand, 200m (35.72), 6th place
Colin McKinney, 1600m (5:40.64), 1st place (new personal best, prior best=6:54.83)
Santino Conte, 1600m (5:53.83), 3rd place (new personal best, prior best=6:11.0)
Gus Berlinghof, 800m (3:05.94), 4th place
Gus Berlinghof, 400m (1:24.39), 4th place
Blake Quinley, 800m (3:14.19), 5th place
Max Mayer, 800m (3:35.01), 6th place

Santino Conte, Long Jump (11ft 2in), 2nd place (new personal best, prior best=10ft 11in)
Colin McKinney, High Jump (3ft 7.75in), 1st place (personal best=4ft 2in)
Colin McKinney, Long Jump (13ft 1.25in), 1st place (personal best=13ft 7in)
James Degand, Long Jump (9ft 6.25in), 5th place (personal best=12ft 9.25in)
Blake Quinley, Long Jump (8ft 7.25in), 6th place

13-14 Girls

Nora McCabe, 200m, (30.74), 5th place
Shannon Longo, 200m, (35.70), 8th place

Nora McCabe, 400m, (1:09.02), (new personal best, prior best=1:11.31)
MaryCait Mackie, 400m, (1:12.00),  5th place
Shannon Longo, 400m, (1:24.50), 6th place

Morgan Mackie, 800m, (2:32.32), 1st place (personal best=2:24.44)
Sofia Arcuri, 800m, (2:41.07), 2nd place
Luisa Arcuri, 800m, (2:46.64), 3rd place
MaryCait Mackie, 800m, (2:47.49), 4th place

Sofia Arcuri, 1600m, (5:44.98), 1st place
Luisa Arcuri, 1600m, (6:00.93), 2nd place (new personal best, prior best=6:06.52)
MaryCait Mackie, 1600m, (6:08.35),  3rd place

Nora McCabe, High Jump, 3ft 6in, 1st place
Luisa Arcuri, High Jump, 3ft 6in, 2nd place
Sofia Arcuri, High Jump, 3ft 4in, 3rd place

13-14 Boys

Ari Eimer, 60m, 9.62, 7th place

Liam Newton, 200m, (27.84), 2nd place  (personal best=27.67)
Gino Arcuri, 200m, (31.57), 5th place
Jack O’Hearn, 200m, (31.31), 6th place (new personal best, prior best=31.88)
Ari Eimer, 200m, (33.83), 7th place
Emmett Kisor, 200m, (35.44), 9th place

Jack O’Hearn, 400m, (1:09.89), 4th place
Gino Arcuri, 400m, (1:13.03), 6th place
Danny Blanchard, 400m, (1:25.96), 7th place

Liam Newton, 800m, 2:17.19, 1st place (new personal best, prior best=2:23.01)
Xavier Klatt, 800m, 2:17.24, 2nd place (personal best=2:16.84)
Joe Keane, 800m, 2:41.64, 7th place (new personal best, prior best=2:41.80)
Daniel Varol, 800m, 2:43.54, 8th place
Emmett Kisor, 800m, 2:52.71, 9th place
Danny Blanchard, 800m, 3:16.37, 11thplace (new personal best prior best=3:19.49)

Xavier Klatt, 1600m, 5:07.93, 1st place (personal best=4:58.60)
Daniel Varol, 1600m, 5:57.27, 7th place
Joe Keane, 1600m, 6:03.23, 8th place
Emmett Kisor, 1600m, 6:14.24, 9th place

Joe Keane, High Jump, 3ft 10in, 4th place
Gino Arcuri, High Jump, 3ft 4in, 7th place

Liam Newton, LongJump, 16ft 7.75in, 1stplace (Newpersonal best, prior best=15ft7in)

15-16 Girls

Lauren Woodward, 200m, (33.29), 45th place (new personal best, prior best=34.17)
Quinn O’Donnell, 200m, (35.20), 46th place  (personal best=34.99)

Lauren Woodward, 400m, (1:12.52), 25th place
Quinn O’Donnell, 400m, (1:16.67), 28th place (personal best=1:13.27)

Lauren Woodward, 800m, (2:50.35), 19th place (new personal best, prior best=2:59.70)

15-16 Boys

Jacob Varol, 800m, (2:25.73), 30th place (personal best=2:30.02)
Owen O’Donnell, 800m, (2:41.35), 40th place

Max Elder, 1600m, (4:48.59), 12th place (new personal best, prior best=4:57.29)
Mark Masaka, 1600m, (4:55.11), 18th place
Jayden Reyes, 1600m, (5:12.34), 33rd place
Jacob Varol, 1600m, (5:21.18), 38th place (new personal best, prior best=5:37.60)
Owen O’Donnell, 1600m, (5:53.33), 44th place, (personal best=5:52.54)