Striders XC November 21st 2020 Elgin Meet, Harvest Christian Academy- RESULTS

Elgin Meet – Strider Results

I am so proud of all the Striders today!  It was a tough course but perfect cool running weather.

Here is the link to the full results:

Here is the file showing the Striders results:

Nov 21 2020 Elgin XC meet Strider results

Boys 8&under – 1 mile

Mac McGan was the sole Striders runner in this division making us proud with a 3rd place (and a medal) in a time of 8:12 (NEW personal best, prior best 8:43)

Boys 9-10 – 1 mile

This was the Striders biggest age group today.  ALL runners with prior races set their NEW personal bests!!  All that hard work at practice is paying off.

Owen Stumm 6:46, 2nd place (and a medal) (NEW personal best, prior best 7:24)
Owen Piper 7:10, 5th place (NEW personal best, prior best 7:23)
Ryan Faddis 7:32, 7th place (NEW personal best, prior best 8:41)
Garrett Divane 8:05, 9th place (NEW personal best, prior best 8:18)
Patrick Linn 8:08, 10th place (first one mile race)
Brian Fitzgerald – 8:19, 11th place (NEW personal best, prior best 8:30)
Lucas Nugent – 9:16, 13th place  crushed his prior best by almost 6 minutes!!! (NEW personal best, prior best 15:12)

Girls 11-12 – 2 mile

Our two Strider girls, Moira and Valentina had a great first two mile race.

Moira Divane – 14:42, 10th place (first two mile race)
Valentina Smith – 15:39, 14th place (first two mile race)

Boys 11-12 – 2 Mile

Of the six Strider boys in this race, four of them were running this 2 mile distance for the FIRST time and had a strong race on a hilly course.

Colin McKinney executed the race strategy flawlessly, holding back the first loop then putting on the gas after the first mile to win in a powerful gap of 50 seconds over the next runner.  Congrats! Will Glunz had an impressive race cutting of 42 seconds from last weeks two mile race and approaching his personal best.

Colin McKinney – 12:05, 1st place (medal) (personal best 11:46)
Will Glunz – 13:17, 5th place (personal best 12:54)
Trevor Polaniecki- 14:03, 7th place (first two mile race)
Luke Alvarez – 15:02, 11th place (first two mile race)
Rory Nugent – 15:23, 13th place (first two mile race)
Michael Faddis – 15:59, 15th place (first two mile race)

Girls 13-14 TWO mile race
What an impressive team win! The Strider girls were each on average almost one minute faster than each of the runners on the second place team Rabbits to bring home an awesome 1st place. 
The Striders girls took 1st (MaryCait), 2nd (Abigail Jordan) and 3rd place (Nora McCabe) (video is on the Teamsnap app under the Media/Video section)
MaryCait Mackie had her personal best of 12:16 on this tough course eclipsing her State Championship meet time from last year 12:22.  Abigail Jordan matched her performance of 12:26 on October 3rd at this same course.  Nora McCabe came in at 12:33 stronger than her prior race 12:46 on this course. Luisa Arcuri was not too far behind coming in 6th place, rounded out by Connolly Nugent and Isabella Brauc who both completed the race faster (Connolly by 1:38 & Bella by 58 seconds) than last time on the course.
Marycait Mackie,   1st (medal),  12:16 (NEW personal best, prior best 12:22)
Abigail Jordan,   2nd (medal),  12:26 (personal best 11:20)
Nora McCabe,   3rd (medal),   12:33 (personal best 12:13)
Luisa Arcuri,   6th,  13:26 (personal best 12:55)
Connolly Nugent,  9th,  14:07  (personal best 13:32)
Isabella Brauc,  16th,  15:39  (personal best 14:11)

Boys 13-14 TWO mile race

The Striders had just two runners in this race but they had a powerful showing.  Daniel Varol placed 4th with a 12:25, just off his last race on this course of 12:15.  Jack Etchason had a breakout race finishing in 7th in 12:46 just off of his 12:41 personal best (on flat course).

Daniel Varol, 4th, 12:25 (personal best=12:04)
Jack Etchason, 7th, 12:46 (personal best=12:41)

Boys 15-16 5k (3.1 miles)

This race combined girls and boys from 13 to 44 years old!

Max Elder Ran a smart race holding back a little on the first loop to cross the finish line 1st in age group with a 17:14 slightly better than his prior best on this course of 17:17 from 2020 high school sectionals on Halloween and establishing a new 5k personal best.  Porter Baginski had his new personal best of 18:08.  Gino Arcuri and Sam Thompson improved over their first 5k cross country race last week (Sam by 1:31 and Gino by 1:50)

Max Elder, 1st (medal),  17:14 (NEW personal best, prior best 17:17)
Porter Baginski, 5th, 18:08  (NEW personal best, prior best 18:45)
Sam Thompson (8th grade), 7th, 19:34 (NEW personal best, prior best 21:05)
Gino Arcuri (8th grade), 9th, 19:53 (NEW personal best, prior best 21:43)

Girls 15-16 5k (3.1 miles)

The competition was tough with seven of the ten runners from the St Ignatius high school cross country team.  Mia Kotler and Sofia Arcuri, both 8th graders held their own and made quite a statement taking 1st  and 2nd place respectively. Although not her best 5k time today, Haley had a good race on a tough course in a time of 21:59 and a 7th place.

Mia Kotler (8th grade), 1st (medal), 18:41 (NEW personal best, prior best=19:17)
Sofia Arcuri(8th grade), 2nd (medal), 19:13 (NEW personal best, prior best=21:01)
Haley Fitzgerald, 7th, 21:59 (personal best is 20:26)

CONGRATS to ALL Striders!!  I am so happy that you had the opportunity to race during this time period and get a bit of fresh air at the same time.

Coach Murphy